50 Cent Black Magic Album to be released by the end of Summer

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It's been a while since we had Curtis Jackson around these parts in Mixtape Daily. Our fellow Queens native has been on the road for a while, making movies and touring overseas. While hollering at our colleagues at MTV UK, Fif revealed that he wants his Black Magic album to drop before summer is over — oh, and the title has nothing to do with witchcraft.

"I don't believe in voodoo," he said. "But it'll be very addictive. The first time you'll hear it, you'll remember the songs that's on there. It's designed for fun — for listening pleasure.

"I'm not in a hurry," he added about the recording process and release date. "I kind of planned on releasing Black Magic ... I gave myself a goal to try and put it out by the end of the summer, so I'll work that hard on the actual project. If I don't feel it's ready by the end of the summer, I'll just jeep it."

Fif is also going on tour this summer, but said members of his current G-Unit family, including Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, most likely won't make the trek.

"It's interesting because they probably won't be coming with me. In the U.S., Banks has momentum with the first single off his new album, 'Beamer, Benz or Bentley.' So he'll be out [on his own tour] with H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger For More 2). While he's doing that, it probably wouldn't make sense for Yayo to come with me because his record is almost done now — he should use that time to complete his record and release it shortly after. But I'll be running around."

No Banks or Yayo, but Fif says he will not be alone — he's recruiting new members to his camp now.

"You'll see new faces, because I'm looking for new artists now. I'll sign new artists and take them with me and kinda groom them. I don't specifically say, 'I want this kind of artist' — I look for talent that inspires me, that complements what I do with their own thing. Some of the stuff you can't teach a person; they gotta have it."

While 50 didn't name any specific prospects, but did say he wouldn't mind adding movie heartthrob Robert Pattinson to the Unit's fold. The star of the "Twilight" franchise (50 said he's seen "New Moon") has dabbled in singing in addition to his acting.

"Robert Pattinson. He has a big enough following to be the frontline," 50 laughed. " 'Twilight' ain't no joke."

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