50 Cent Gotta Make It To Heaven appreciation

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might be the most slept on track on GRODT, never used to listen to it but as time went by i appreciate the song even more.
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this is one of those mixtape tracks that made da album, i liked it, but i was 1/2 way tired of it by da time his CD dropped.


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might be the most slept on track on GRODT
There is no might, it is. No one listened to it when it dropped, but I loved it. It had the most lines that really meant something it BY FAR

"Some say I'm paranoid I say I'm careful how I choose my friends"

"Man I might talk to you while we up in the Pens

But when we come home, dat don't mean we gon ***** be friends"

"The shells pass ya head close enough to hear 'em whistle

Thank god they missed you, now go grab ya pistol"

"In the hood ****** runnin round actin crazy

Buyin little air Jordan's for maybe babies
See it might be his, an it might be yours
Cause them broads in the projects is straight up ****** Man it don't take much for you to get in them draws
You can have 'em on they back or on all fours"
Only track on the album I never liked.
This is how most people were, yet the two most subpar songs on there Blood Hound and 21 Questions got passes somehow.

I've said it before, but the vast majority of rap songs about girls dont really fly with me, there are few rappers out there who could write a song about girls and not have it feel completely disingenuous, 50 Cent was not one of those people. That song was the definition of forced, you can tell he had to write it to fit the traditional rap album format of putting 1-2 songs on there for the ladies, it was bad; He redeemed himself on the Massacre with Baltimore Love Thing though.

Blood Hound should have been a bonus track or scrapped all together, that songs about nothing. 
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Blood Hound was subpar? :lol:

What do you be sipping bruh.

I don't even remember this song being on a mixtape so it was new to me when the album dropped.
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I just didn't like the beat. Something cheesy about it.

21 Questions gotta pass because the beat was cold.

50 could really do no wrong on this album. His **** was venom and the world was eating that **** up
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