52 Weeks Savings Challenge (2020 Edition)

Which challenge will you do?

  • $1378

    Votes: 6 9.0%
  • $2500

    Votes: 11 16.4%
  • $5000

    Votes: 17 25.4%
  • $7000

    Votes: 3 4.5%
  • $10,000

    Votes: 21 31.3%
  • Custom Challenge

    Votes: 9 13.4%

  • Total voters
Joined Aug 28, 2014
Holiday season is approaching. Is the pandemic gonna affect holiday spending for y’all?
The pandemic made me see people’s true colors so in a nutshell yes it will but more so on the savings side as opposed to spending.
Joined Apr 4, 2016
wow those look clean. they are good machines from what I've learned it may be difficult to replace some parts since they stopped making them but so far I have no complaints.
Yeah i had never heard of them. I knew honda made some and that they stopped but never looked in to them since they dont pop up often. When he sent me the link i had checked them out on youtube and some articles they looked pretty damn fun
Joined Jul 15, 2006
What type of accounts are you guys using? I want to open a high yield savings account, but not sure which one to go with.
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