6/2 - NEW Dave Matthews Band Album - Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King

Joined Feb 7, 2008

Anybody picking it up tomorrow (or already have it

I'm listening to it right now...I'm about a 1/4 the way through but so far it's solid. From what I've heard so far...I really like Shake Me Like a Monkey and Funny The Way It Is.

Rolling Stone magazine called this album "The band's best yet." and another editor gave the album a 4 out of 5 stars.

By the way...the first track on the album, Grux, is just purely the sound of LeRoi Moore's saxophone. Pretty cool. RIP Leroi Moore
Joined Feb 7, 2008
Bump...anyone pick it up? I know there's not very many fans of this type of music on NT...but I figure there has to be a few at least.
Joined Dec 9, 2006
I got you JPZx...I got the album, and I think it's pretty good. Favorite tracks for me are:

Shake Me Like a Monkey (opening sax gave me chills)
Funny The Way It Is
Lying In the Hands of God
Alligator Pie (woooooooooowwwwww)
My Baby Blue

I don't know if these are my favorites because to me they're good songs, or they have a bit of that old DMB flare, I can't put my finger on it,either way I thoroughly enjoy these.

And thanks for making the thread JPZx, I meant to and totally forgot as I'm brushing up my resume at the moment. Any time NT gets a break from the depthsof hip-hop is a good break to me...oh ya, and I'm going to see these guys at an intimate venue in London in a few weeks...hope to meet the band or have acopy of Before These Crowded Streets signed (my fave album).
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