8.14 WWE SUMMERSLAM | Punk Defeats Cena, Then Del Rio Cashes in MITB to Become New WWE Champion

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I did not see last night's TNA Impact Wrestling Hardcore Justice PPV.  From what I have read, it was a pretty bad show.  Not necessarily a surprise based on the card, but TNA is really going in the wrong direction after having a positive PPV last month with Destination X.  Things are not looking good for Bound for Glory.  The only noteworthy thing to come out of last night's show was Kurt Angle winning the TNA Title after turning heel for the 100th time hitting Sting with a steel chair.  It's unknown at this point if that means he's joining Immortal.  Does it really matter?

I ranted enough last week about WWE, Punk, Cena, HHH, Vince, and everything else they're doing right now.  Tonight's I'm just going to sit back and try and enjoy the show.  It's the go home show for SummerSlam, and I cannot believe how little steam it feels like there is for Sunday's show.  The supposedly third biggest show of the year feels almost like an afterthought to me.  Raw last week was built around Punk and HHH rather than Punk and Cena.  Punk and HHH went at it for 25 minutes which was excellent, except it did nothing to sell Summerslam.  Instead, they did a ridiculous angle at the end of the show that took 15 minutes and was not good, that lead to Punk and Cena having a unification match which everyone already knew.  Plus, they capped it off with the ridiculous in ring segment of not only both Punk and Cena taking turns lifting their championship belts but also their music playing back and forth which came across as so incredibly cheesy.

My question is, why does Cena parade around like he's the legit champion when Punk beat him for the title just three weeks ago.  Everyone knows Cena is holding the interim title.  He beat Rey Mysterio who was wrestling in his 2nd match of the night.  For a while, it looked like WWE was taking pages from MMA's notebook, but they certainly didn't do that here.  When Frank Mir won the interim UFC Heavyweight Title, did he walk around claiming he was the champ?  No.  He said it was nothing but a piece of leather and he wouldn't be the real champion until he beat Brock Lesnar.  It just makes Cena come across as a mix of a moron and completely insincere.  Typical Cena crap though.  We shouldn't be surprised at this point.

I hope they have something big planned for tonight to try and give this match some juice, but what can they do in a contract signing that hasn't been done a million times in the past?  I don't even know if a great Punk promo can save things at this point because no one buys him as anything more than another WWE character.

I thought maybe I just couldn't remember the matches for Summerslam, but I just went to the official site and amazingly there are FOUR MATCHES ANNOUNCED, and one is Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix.  Wow.  Six days out from a major PPV.  I'm sure we'll get a few more things announced tonight.  Safe to assume that both Del Rio and Ziggler will be in some sort of matches.

They have been working on a new opening video package for Raw that removes the Nexus clips of Punk, Otunga, and McGuillicutty as well as Melina, Kozlov, and Gail Kim (were they even in the video?).

Speaking of Melina.......  
 I'm still laughing at this crazy #*+%*.  John Morrison has bad days ahead of him as long as they're a couple.

Lastly, not Raw, but it will be very interesting to see what happens with Sin Cara tomorrow night at the Smackdown taping.  I have to go back through last week's thread to see how much it was discussed, but the main story is that while Sin Cara will be brought back tomorrow night, it won't be Mistico under the mask.  It will likely be Hunico (who has a much different body style than Mistico) although other names are also being discussed.  Will this just be a one week replacement until Mistico is able to return?  Or does this mark the end of Mistico in WWE?  We know Sin Cara merchandise are big sellers, but Mistico certainly hasn't had the greatest of starts in WWE.  I'll post more on this later.

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Lets hope for a good RAW...i think i say this all the time and yet always underwhelming...hopefully we just get this cena v punk v hhh angle spiced up
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Originally Posted by venom lyrix

Lets hope for a good RAW...i think i say this all the time and yet always underwhelming...hopefully we just get this cena v punk v hhh angle spiced up
I just feel like the way they are rushing everything, HHH is going to get involved in this way too early.  God, just have some patience with these things.  They couldn't wait more than a week with Punk and Cena.  Punk vs HHH should be your WrestleMania match.  Instead, it will probably happen in September.
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my eagerness to see raw has subsided since last week...ill watch it at some point during the week when i'm bored....

a bunch of Wrestling fans staying in my house might have to shell out the $$ for Summerfest


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Anyone down to plan a trip too Wrestlemania xxviii????..... Let's make it happen.
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I'm already getting tired of HHH. He has been onscreen WAY too much.

And why is Punk vs Cena one of the most important matches in WWE history? What makes it different than any other title match really? One man will walk out of champion. If you're going to make claims like that, they should back it up with good reasons.
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