800whp Supra vs. 830whp Evo IX

putting in work

Joined Nov 10, 2007
Yo this same Evo has been eating mad cars I've been seeing lately... are all these top tier cars not tuned properly compared to this Evo or something?

Impressive as hell though... I would be super tight if I was in a Lambo, GTR, or souped up Mustang or whatever American muscle whip and this little pocket car pulled up next to me and ate my food while I have a sloot in the passenger trying to stunt on the Evo :lol:

I'd start making up mad excuses though :lol:
Joined Feb 22, 2012
Supras actually look good though (without that tacky @#$ spoiler). Evos are ugly no matter what
Joined Dec 14, 2002
IHB, I need you to stop posting Evo vids. Everytime you do i end up looking for parts I don't need lol.

Great vid.
Joined Jul 23, 2012
Having had both the Supra and Evo call me crazy but the Evo was funner to drive.  Handled better for sure.  But with the Supra being alot heavier its a no brainer that the evo would have won.  Way more power potential for that supra though.  1000+ HP isnt impossible. 
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