81 year old woman loses $85,000 life savings...you can't make this up...

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Indy woman, 81, loses $85K in life savings
Associated Press
Posted: March 23, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS — Relatives of an 81-year-old woman are offering a reward for the return of $85,000 in cash she lost after withdrawing it from a bank to pay her husband’s nursing home bill.

Barbara Bennett, Indianapolis, withdrew her life savings from the bank on March 16 without telling family members, daughter Nancy Potter told The Star's news-gathering partner, WTHR (Channel 13).

Potter says her mother apparently put the cash in a manila envelope, set it on top of her car while she unlocked the door, then drove away without the envelope in hand.

Potter says her mother needed the money to pay her husband Warren’s nursing home bill after his Medicare benefits had run out and the cost of care was exceeding her budget.

Police say they can’t investigate because finding lost money isn’t a crime.


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Reminds me of the 90,000$ or so someone left in a cooler at a Wal-Mart parking lot around here...

...I check coolers on the regular now.
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Originally Posted by gboy1230

damn i surprised the bank actually let her walk out with that much money
It would have been an automatic red flag seeing that you usually would notify a bank that you'd be withdrawing that much cash. She probably gambled it away as someone else said.
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couldnt she write a check???

One time my grandma lost like 5000 cash but found it like 3 months later.
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you know some dude found it and went to the strip club. Now he is in there like this:
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I'm usually not a cynical person, especially towards old women from my home state, but this smells fishier than Chinatown.

If you were carrying 85K in an envelope, you would tuck it in your underwear or hold it with two hands or something at all times, you'd never leave it on top of your car even for a second. I don't care if you're 11 or 81.

She either gambled it all away or gave it up as ransom money or something.
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Yeah I agree, she was up to something..Plus 85K in a MANILA ENVELOPE? My Manila envelope would rip in my Junior High School art class if it had more than 10 sheets of paper in it and this old lady fit 85K in one?!? Even if it was all big bills, the biggest bill is $100 so that means she had 850 bills in that envelope! No way in hell that thing wasn't ripping at the seams..Have you ever had 30 bills in your wallet at once? Makes you look rich, even if it's all ones..If she had that amount of bills in envelope idk how she could get it to fit

Plus, if her memory is good enough for her to remember her husband's bills were too high, remember how much she had in her account, remembered the pin number and other info to her account, and was comprehensive enough to feel that it was best she didn't let her kids know how expensive her bills were, no way in hell her old memory is bad enough to forget that on the roof..I wouldn't even leave a $5 bill on the roof
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