__J2LEGEND'S COLLECTION vol. 1000th post__

Joined Jan 8, 2008
Hey NT, 
I've been meaning to do a collection post but I never really got around to taking pictures. I was reaaranging some storage a couple weeks ago, so I decided to pull out the camera and have at it. So for my 1000th post, I'd like to make it official. I've been collecting sneakers on and off for about 9-10 years now. I bought a few pairs here and there in highschool but it wasn't until 2005, I really started get into it after I started my career. I wish I kept OG pairs, but what you see here is what I currently have. Props to Team AM Fam and other friendly NTers who helped me obtain alot of the pairs in this post. I hope you enjoy viewing my collection as I did putting it all together. And now the shoes....

Air Jordan Signature

Jordan Brand

Nike Air Max

Nike Signature/Nike Basketball

Nike Dunk/Nike SB


Nike Air Trainers/Nike Air Force 1/Misc. Nikes


The oldest pair I have...

Storage Group Shots

As you can see, I haven't gotten around to wearing all of them, but I'm working on it 

Questions, concerns, constructive criticisms are all welcome. Thanks in advance to all that comment.
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wow, that is an insane collection there Jordan.. nice, even if you put the J's before the AMs


Joined Dec 22, 1999
Originally Posted by tooth

wow, that is an insane collection there Jordan.. nice, even if you put the[color= rgb(102, 255, 51)] J's before the AMs[/color]
Oh Hell NO Your AMFAM memberships has been temporarily  revoked....where my Badge-where my Badge

Very nice collection, had no idea its like that.
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I rarely look at collection posts anymore, but I'm glad I checked out yours. Just amazing.
I miss all of the shoes I sold even more now.

BTW, I hope you're enjoying that Jordan jersey, bro.
Joined Apr 27, 2008

J, I didnt know it was like that...

Love the setup, love the collection!!!

Thanks for sharing!
Joined Sep 21, 2006
Very SOLID collection homie!

Joined Jan 8, 2008
Thanks for the kind words everyone. 

Mike, Tim, Wei - Yeah I was contemplating whether or not to put the AMs first, but the J's do take up a bulk of my collection, so they had to go first. If any consolation, they are a very close second. If I had the kind of heaters you guys have, then maybe they'd go first, but I gotta step up my AM game. 
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Wow....that's a really great collection Jordan....love everything, especially the AM's

The flightposites caught me off guard too, kudos fam!


Joined Jun 7, 2008
very nice J2, wasn't expecting all those Jordans.
Nice set up too
Joined Nov 4, 2004
Excellent collection, definately alot of variation in there!

Usually i'd say quality over quantity but you have both!
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