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We can all make a difference together

Please help us reach our goal of $3000.

On March 29th, a group of nine of us from Project:A are going to Arusha, Tanzania. We’re hoping to raise donations and funds for the children of Kimandolu, Suye and Barra areas of Arusha. We are graphic designers, teachers, musicians, students. Not a large company, not a global corporation. Just a group of individuals who can see a problem and know how� to make a small difference.

This money will go to the work on four schools in the Arusha region of Tanzania, Africa. We’ve already raised over 300 picture/information books for the children, but the schools are still in desperate need and we feel we can help give the children, ranging from 2-16 have a better start to life. We want them to have the opportunity to get a more wholesome education.

So what goes where? Where does your donation go?

It’s quite simple.� There is alot to do, but we’ve broken it down into four sections, these are four schools we are going to work on. (For a few photos see below)

Although we are doing this trip entirely independently, with no big organisation, please feel safe and secure knowing that your donation will be going with us, thru a registered charity in the UK ( #1094843).

But with your donation, we can make a huge difference to these schools.

$50 can buy a large blackboard and chalk, 2m x1.5.
$40 can paint the whole outside of a school in color!
$30 can feed 30 children for 30 days with a good breakfast.
$25 can build seating and tables for three children to work on.
$5 can buy 25 exercise books for students
$2 can grant one child a malaria test in the local hospital. To tell if they have a life threatening disease
$1 can buy a full bag worth of groceries: Including ALL of the following Oranges, spinach, lettuce , carrots, peppers, tomatoes and more. Just for $1. Which will feed a whole family for a day. Food is vital, because without this, the children won’t get the best out of schools. You need to have a functioning mind and body to function in class.
$0.50 can buy two bottles of fresh water
$0.15 can allow one child to make a return journey to school by bus.
And $1000 allows us to buy the materials to build a completely new classroom from the ground, for 30 children, giving them the gift of education.

We’re hoping to redesign each school, re-equip each school so EVERY student in that school has working pens and enough paper, so they have a blackboard in their class from where the teacher can do his/her job properly and enough books and resources to help the children learn. We want to create an environment where the children enjoy coming to school, where they are engaged and challenged to be the best they can be.

We want to give these children, just some of the opportunities that we had.

Toronto Nursery School

Maasai School

Cornerstone Nursery School

Proposed Ideas for Toronto Nursery School

If you would like to donate or want more information please visit:

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Will be donating as soon as I get my online payment ##%$ working. Passion along with the rest of the YouTube gang...
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