*_Has anyone been to a Harvard Square MayFair?_*

Joined Jun 24, 2006
I'm really anxious to see Chester French live, and I've had plans on going today to see them in Mass at this place [Harvard Square]. But after doingsome research, I've found out its not a necessarily a concert, but a fair. It really took the excitement out of me for some reason. I just want to see themperform, I'm not really interested in anything else. Has anyone attended one of their MayFairs? If so, how was your experience? Did you have to get theirearly to see the performance up close? Also, do you have to pay to get in? Any information would be a big help right now. Thanks in advance.


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i havent been but i remember walking past there once and seeing 98 degrees playing on some small stage..it would probably be like a small concert

btw you should post htis in the northeast thread in regionals
Joined Jul 11, 2006
they set up a stage and bands play. it's not a concert, and if you've never been to harvard sq, its in the middle of a shopping district and right nextto harvard u. it's nothing serious but on a lazy day if the weather's nice and u got nothing else to do might as well walk down there. its not too bigof a commitment.

dont plan on driving tho. take the T.
Joined Jun 24, 2006
Thanks a lot for the responses, I appreciate it. I still have an hour before knowing if ima go. A few other ?'s. I was planning on taking a car, is it hardto find parking? Also, for the concerts, would they do a full set? Or just like 5 songs or another small amount? Cause it's like a 40 drive n I don'treally want to head over there unless I know it isn't a short show.
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