A Blast From The Eastbay Past

Joined Sep 1, 2009
Damn, those XVs are lookin' nice! Lol at the "Butchered" VIs. I can not believe that back in 2000 that's what we called "Butchered". We had no idea back then how bad they'd be screwing up things in the years to come. I'd take those over any black/infrared retro, because JB never gets these right ( not even the highly praised 2000 retro). Bring back the 3m on the infrared VI, JB!!!!!

EDIT: I just noticed the shadow Xs with the toe cap
Joined May 17, 2004
The days when you could pick out any size you wanted, fill out the order form that was in the middle of the catalog and mail it with a check. I did that for the 12s, before I had the Interent.
Joined Aug 5, 2003
those Laney and white silver 5's marked the first time we realized they would take the "nike air" off the retroes....I was soooooo pissed
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memories...... I may not be old to many other users, but I feel old looking at this. =( thanks a lot
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Keep this post going! Much props to Mr718 for sharing these with us.

Dang, I'm salivating at those Air Jordan Retro VI's from 2000!
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Talk about flashbacks! Still remember standing in a crowded circle before school looking at the new eastbay and circling everything I wanted. im still to this day chasing those circled items lol
Joined Jul 12, 2009
damn powder and steel og's $89 i would have coped as many pair as i could
and the xv's going for more than the infa's damn
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even a few years ago.. the retro 6s were only 120.. now they're 150.. thats so wack! Also.. I rememered when the True Blue 3s retroed in 01 they were only 100.. wow.. I dont know how much retail was for the OGs.. I had a kids size back then.
Joined Jun 9, 2009
I remember getting those Kamikaze IIs like 1 year AFTER they dropped!! Discount rack @ Just For Feet!! LMAO Back then I wouldn't even DARE ask my parents for some J's!!
Joined Aug 20, 2003
Originally Posted by windycity7

JORDAN X, Barlkey's ,Starter Jackets

holiday 94' I was 6

I had that Magic Starter
but I def. remember that page with the XI and the Grant Hills... piff
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