A First for Citi Field Vol: The Mets could use him as a leadoff hitter

Oct 5, 2011
It's very first streaker....


Son was so excited, he made his very own youtube video. Listen to how overly excited his boy was

MetsStreaker Personal Video
[h1]Mets get their first Citi Field streaker[/h1][h1]
The first streaker at Citi Field showed Mets fans how to get a major league wedgie Tuesday night.

The nearly-naked doofus dashed from the first-base seats and slid into second with "Let's Go Mets" painted on his back and wearing only astuffed animal wrapped like a thong around the middle of his strike zone for modesty.

As security guards came after the 29-year-old Queens man and more than39,000 fans whooped and hollered, he got up with a raspberry flourishing on his right buttock, adjusted his stuffed animal and ran into center field.

The performance ended badly when he fell and the guards dragged him away through a tunnel on the third-base side.

The Braves were leading 1-0 when the streaker, identified as Craig Coakley, made his appearance in the fifth inning, but the Mets won 4-3 in10.

Coakley was charged with interfering with a sporting event and trespassing. He is expected to be arraigned this morning.

Read more: "Mets get their first Citi Field streaker" - http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local...irst_citi_field_streaker.html#ixzz0FVCRmLNR&A
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