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LOVE. I don't make excuses. I seem to get caught up with LOVE. I wouldn't say I bumped into the wrong females, no! I'd say my position was play'd wrong. LOVE as its usually taken away by someone who scouts a weakness. I failed at LOVE. Its an emotion you shall give half, is it real? My hardest choices I left up to LOVE. LOVE why did you never keep it real? LOVE how did the game get so far? LOVE are you guilty until proven innocent? LOVE is a bullet, doesn't have a name. It hits yo %$* do believe you better have your health card. If not, your %%%%$% 4ever. Especially when LOVE walks away. LOVE likes to be alone it remains focused. LOVE isn't all its cracked up to be. A man of my word not new to LOVE. LOVE heals & kills a soul. !!@*, ima DOG or was tryna make LOVE see past my bad habits. LOVE is blind, there's no seeing. LOVE I know now why the word wasn't used often around me growing up.
Joined Jul 22, 2004
Couldn't you have put this in the other thread?

Girl was dope from the pic you posted so you definitely missecd out.  I'll be honest, you'll never find anything better than her so just keep it moving until you find a chick that's decent enough for you.

Sorry to hear you lost a dope one.
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