A plesant surprise: Shox Certified review

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Well, if you have read reviews I have written previously you would know that this isn't the typical shoe that I buy. I generally steer towards the big man models with Max Air.
Previous shox I have bought have had features like monkey paws (BB4, Limitless), ankle straps (Xplosive) or other ankle support (Lethal)...
But, its not every day you find a shoe designed with the logos and colors of your alma mater, so when the Arizona Shox certified came out I had to give them a try without having even tried them on. I figured if I didn't like them to ball in I could at least have a cool pair to wear with my UofA gear.

I wear an 11 so I bought an 11. I may have been able to wear a 10.5 in these. Even with the inner bootie I had to tie them very tightly to get a snug fit. More on that later.

I'm not sure how wide they were, or if they are just big for their size, but to get a secure fit, despite wearing 2 pairs of socks, I had to tie them very tightly, resulting in some numbness in my toes of my right foot. I wear a brace on my left ankle so I didn't tie that one as tight, but I'm not sure.

When I first put these on the initial thing I noticed was the weight, or more exactly, the lack therof. (in English, these shoes are LIGHT!). This is probably because the upper has a large amount cut away, exposing the inner bootie.

Ankle Support
Surprisingly not bad considering this is a shoe primarily designed for guards. This may, however be a result of tying the shoes very tightly as mentioned previously. In any case, I din't feel like my ankles were in danger, even when some jackass tripped me driving through the lane (I hit the layup on the way down by the way).

Very similar to other shox I have worn. The one I would compare them most to in terms of cushioning is the Xplosive. Zoom in the forefoot and shox in the heel is a good combination for players at any position.
Personally, I don't like the zoom air as much as max air because it's too soft, but I know many people wouldn't wear anything else.

Excellent. I felt that if I were a PG, I could make quick cuts and stops in these. They really stuck to the court.

I'm 190 and I play in the post. If you play down low these probably wouldn't be your first choice, with better options out there, but these are very good all around shoes.

I take points away for having to tie them so tightly. Other than that, they are great shoes for players that play a multiple of positions. Point guards would like them due to their weight, and swingmen would like them.

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holy crap where did you get those?

*EDIT*: i tried to ezinbox you but i think i fudged it up so i'll ask here. Did you get those from the store or was it a hookup?

i wanted to get one of those few pairs of Team J's that Eastbay had a while back but they didn't have my size. Some info on those would be awesome, thanks in advance.
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Im in Canada so if anybody can hook that up in a 10.5 im paypal ready.
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I think they are too high off the ground at the heel and the ankle supports aren't that great.


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dang.. lots of kobe haters here....
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I havent played in those but they felt very good when I tried them on....
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I think they look aight, but thanks for the review and how they fit...I was wonderin if I should get a size bigger or not, but thanks to this, I'll just get my true size...

110.00 is alot though for my cheapself... - that the NikeID price...I got a nice colorway too...
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Wow, wide forefoot AND Zoom Air in the front w/ Shox in the back (I prefer air)?


Thanks for the review.
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