A ticket question?????

Aug 8, 2006
Well, I just found out my license has been suspended. I check at the dmv and try to find out what for and I was told it was for running a stop sign.

Now, I've never gotten a ticket in my life but, my brother on the other hand has gotten several and currently has 2 strikes. I have a feeling he used my info when he got pulled over so he wouldn't get in trouble. I'm not going to turn him in on something like this but, does SF have an amnesty program still where you can pay your ticket off without penalty? Or how much is this ticket going to cost me? It's late, like 2 years old because I never even knew about it and I think my brother kept the info from getting to me.

ANY info or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
if i were you, i would tell yur story to the proper authorties. u can always request the copy of the ticket and see if the signatures match. even if he is yur brother, u lost yur license and he played you. so now its yur time to play him.
You should just have your brother pay you or help pay for the ticket. You don't have to tell the athorities it was him and even if you eat it up leagally, he should at least pay for the fines.

It's pretty hard to overturn the legal system. They usually give little to no help on situations, unless you know someone that works in the field, but even that is pushing it.
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not the first time i've heard of someone assuminga friend or fam member's identity to avoid tickets/incarceration.
that's grimey as hell of your bro tho.
make dude pay for the tix+all other penalties.

if it were me, i'd make dude fess up to the authorities too. taking 1 for the guy....okay. 2....MAYBE. losing my license for dude/someone else....forget it.

tix will be expensive. regular busting a stop sign is like $150-180. i think it might've gone up cuz of all the fools mowing peeps down in SF, but if the ticket is 2 years old, that might help you some. i doubt if they'll let the fines for late payment+failure to appear slide tho......unless you get your bro to come clean AND the judge buys the story (if you can even get your case presented to the judge)

sorry, i don't envy your position one bit. dealing w/the court system+dmv ain't fun at all.

good luck tho.
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So is it $150-200 for the ticket alone? Yeah, it would be nice if he at least helped pay for this but suddenly his phone doesn't work and he doesn't return my messages.
You need to call the DMV and ask them why your Lic in suspended and tell them that you never got a ticket and you have no idea what this is for. They will tell you why and ask them what agency issued the ticket. If you have to get a copy of the ticket as stated earlier.

If this is a few years old the ticket might have originally been $200 but since it;s so long you have failure to appears and they could have held the court with you not being there and you lost the case and now your fine could be $700 or $1000.

Find out as much info as you can on what the offence is for and what agency and go to that courthouse and look into it... Whatever you do don't drive cause if you get pulled over the cop can be a @#%$ and arrest you... good luck...
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Yea I just found out I had a Failure To Appear (FTA).

Thank you for insightful information left on my post. I'm actually stuck because I wasn't the one who was driving at the time and I don't want to get my brother in trouble for using my name/id etc... He's been in enough trouble already and I've told him this is it as far as I'm concerned.

I'm just trying to figure out the best / cheapest way to get this ticket taken care of. I didn't know about it until I tried to renew my license to find out I had a FTA which I was shocked to hear. It turns out my brother had been going through my mail and hiding the tickets from me. Eh.. I'm just hoping someone might be able to shed some insight or something along those lines that I could use to resolve this whole thing. I'm not rich, which really sucks because I hate having something hanging over my head.
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