A tree fell on my car SMH. PICS

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So I went outside right now to get my ipod and I see a #%**+$* tree on top of my hood. There is couple medium sized dents on my hood and couple noticeable scratches. I have full coverage with Arrowhead Auto Insurance and I want to know if my payment will go up? Also, are they gonna replace my whole hood? 
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exaggerating a bit are we?? 
 wipe those leaves off your hood and you wouldnt be able to tell a 'tree' ever hit it 
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if you file a claim you still have to pay your deductible.  your insurance wont go up, but it'll be on your record that you made a comprehensive claim.  if you have too many of them they can drop you.  your insurance only goes up if you get into an accident and it's your fault.
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This is why NT sucks sometimes, homie made a simple topic about a tree falling in his car, and the first set of responses are cats reaching for the laughs. Im not saying this should be fill of sympathy cries, but grow up.
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big thanx for those who gave me serious answers. im gonna call them tomorrow and see what they tell me.

do work son, was he able to get that fixed without any hassle?
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Similar thing happened to my dad when his car was only a few years old. A branch fell near the trunk and broke the rear window. They replaced the rear windshield and the little dings are still left all over the roof and trunk.
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real talk i bet insurance wont even cover that because they refer to it as "an act of god" check the facts dont quote me but i remember vividly that one man had a tree fall on his whip and insurance didnt cover nothing
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