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Just googled it. I'm not so sure. They're not really my style, but it's Tribe. I gotta see more pics.

F Sharp005
It's spelled "definitely".
It's spelled "Definitely".
It's spelled "DEFINITELY".
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Another Clyde that I want and another one that'll pass me by. Life is just so unfair
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How far must you go to gain respect.....ummmmmm??
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it really works with the clyde, i'd say. any other shoe except maybe the vans old skool would look wack with the same pattern. i was scared when i saw the title of this post because the luda kicks were downright atrocious

gonna decide whether to cop when it gets closer to release, but so far i like.
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one of my co-workers at puma said he saw them a WHILE back at a sample sale, for hella cheap, so he wasn't surprised when we saw them. I looked up a name in our system at the puma store, and nothing came up. News I hear is a september release. Only clydes in our system are 96 hour collection, spring collection, and other higher end clydes. But I will try to find more info. Puma's warehouse also has all this older shoes from many years back, just sitting in the warehouse.
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These look good.
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Those are funky. Dont think I would wear them , but would cop anyways.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Did the YO! Mtv Clydes come up?
These are 100% Puma List and will be about as available as the YO! Clydes.

You work at a Puma store and they didn't tell you this????
Man, that sucks.[hr][/hr]

our system is quite big...our warehouse still carries it, even if it doesn't get shipped to us...we still have shoes from like 10 years back sitting in the warehouse. so it was worth a try to look it up. try'n to help you out bud. have a nice day....
Joined Apr 22, 2007
Love Tribe, put not much for the shoe. Wish they would make some different models.

Like the De La's better, but I like Tribe better than everything.
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