Accessories/Gear from back in the day you had to have?

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Post up yours...

Rickey's lime green batting gloves, we spent months looking for these back in Little League

The MJ calve sleeve, everyone used to run to SportMart to try and find this style which of course never happened

The Nike black socks, specifically the ones they were rockin here that you can sorta see in the middle

Could obviously never buy em but these player wristbands from early 90's were straight

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If you didn't have this bat and cleat combo in LL... YNS

This for obvious reasons

This was just damn good

Everyone wanted to wear their football jersey like this

And have a visor like this

These kicks just ARE middle school B-Ball to me

And of course if you were rocking Bball shorts, it HAD to be one of these 2

Thats about it for me...
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Originally Posted by Kiddin Like Jason

Nokona Glovesmith baseball gloves.

Neumann batting gloves

of course, these are newer, but still...

i know there's more...
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Did anyone ever own those Rickey Henderson batting gloves? I wanted those joints so bad, ha ha.
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Reebok Pumps...
Nike Hyperflights...
Kobe Crazy 8's...
Iverson arm sleeve...
Black mid-socks...

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pee wee football, you wasn't !@$% unless you had these facemasks

these gloves

when under armour just came out

and the old Nike Land Sharks
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Mid 90s Nike Chicago Bulls Shooting Shirt

Nortre Dame Starter Parka

Not really back in the day, but I kinda wanted a Nike Raygun jersey

put em up

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Pee Wee football

Had to have a hard plastic chin strap with the back right one unstrapped like Dre Bly.

Fresh white Nike wristbands.

Big Yellow mouth piece. Word to Marshall Faulk
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Originally Posted by 255forLife

I would OD back then with their little packets that came in the mail. I would salivate over those. SMH at me for wasting my money on like 3 pairs of these.
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you weren't doing this in football without these

I was on the line so I had the half fingers.

Wide receivers throughout the league were using
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i used to always get my arm bands embroidered with my number

until the livestrong bands came out, then people were always like, why are you wearing bootleg livestrongs?
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nike apocalypse 2's

and the OG version of these gloves, where the stripes go across the back of the hand

and the butterfly/cowboy collar of course

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You NEEDED the 2 bar dickerson back in the pop warner days to be DOING IT.
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man I hated when everyone was rocking the rubber bands. I was doing it up since the 90's. Lopved it when it went out of style and footlocker was damn neargiving em away. I copped a bunch.


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It's amazing how hard it was to buy black sports socks in the 90s. Took me ages to get some to wear with my Michigan shorts.

I really wanted these for a long time. They were decent shorts back in the day and that's what all the pros were wearing.

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^those except in Black/White Colorway

basically every accessory Dude had on down to the facemask.

Nike Gloves + Tuff skin Pre-ankle Wrap spray = Catch EVERYTHING
(Neumans were better tho)

I knowww I aint the only one who used to cut the Tops of their Nike Socks off so the Nike Swoosh was still showing and make the thin wristbands out of them andhave them on your knees and Biceps

Used to come out to games Straight Ultimate Warrior Status
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Did anyone ever own those Rickey Henderson batting gloves? I wanted those joints so bad, ha ha.
I found em at a local sporting good shop back then

Wore in for elementary ball two straight seasons with our RED AND BLACK unis

Swear to god i could have sold those to some kids in the league for a year's worth of school lunches
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With the exception of Gunna posting the 91 Air Trainer Max, RyGuy is the only one I can relate to.
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For baseball before every game I needed a

During the game I needed

"Yeah yeah, it gives ya a ton of energy!"
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