ace hood- blood sweat and tears (album)

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Didn't he drop an album too though? Not the mixtape I have that.

I never understand the hate for ace though.
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Originally Posted by richyung412

this is his best work i was surprised, The song "letter to my exs" is dope

Yeah I agree.... He Definatly came like he was hungry on this one.... Memory lane, lord knows, bitter world ,letter to my ex... He had alot more to say on this one... Nice album IMO !
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Originally Posted by Addicted To Exclusives

why does khaled keep giving this dude a chance

idk?? this guy is not that great.

only song i like from him is cash flow, hustle hard.(remix only) and body 2 body( and thats because of chris brown)

other than that this guy sucks
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Album is very solid. I hate that half the songs on it are on his Body Bag mixtape but they are all bangers. I cut for Ace, that aggressive flow is

- Preciate it.
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Oops yea I got thrown off because half the tracks are off bodybag. I gotta dl this now.

how does ace suck? Street certified is straight bangers through the whole tape. I still play this tape all the time. Yea his first CD wasn't great but dude def improves constantly and he's only 22.

just copped off itunes.  i'll support this dude.  tracks i haven't heard yet so far are.

errrrything remix with gotti on it is.
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Originally Posted by MPLSdunk

how does ace suck? 
He's just mediocre/unoriginal in EVERY aspect. Only reason his bum ##% got a release date is because Wayne decided to jump on the remix and his association with that ****head Khaled. 
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Khaled is annoying but I'm not mad. All he does is try and put people on so I can't hate.
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Album is okay, a lot of reflective material which makes a change. Gutta is still his best but this might be better than the second one
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