How many 3.0s have you copped this year?

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    Votes: 17 22.1%
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    Votes: 33 42.9%
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    Votes: 27 35.1%

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Joined Jun 1, 2015
I recently unDSed them since they were sitting on ice for too long. They’re the early ‘16 prod date. Still got the nub soles.
I'm still rocking my '16 pair. I was expecting a new freshly designed pair of white ultra boosts but they never came. Can't beat the OG whites.
Joined Dec 30, 2016
Haven't had any Boost since the Ultra Boost 1.0 and I cant remember.. do they generally fit tts?

Bout to cop the all black Ultra Boost 20
I practically have all models (1.0-4.0) and am TTS on all of them. Some slightly roomier, some slightly tighter, but all fit me perfectly fine.
Can't speak on the UB19-20 line unfortunately.
Joined Dec 30, 2016

I can't believe it's FINALLY happening 😭 Been waiting for this for so long..

Made aware by s3p4tu s3p4tu
Joined Dec 30, 2016
Did that tongue tag fall off? Or was it already like that? I always liked the consortium punch tabs
I removed them. I never really liked them that much, but this was for a different reason. These are a gift to my gf, who is a vegan and therefore animal leather is a big no-no 🙈

Edit: You don't really have to be worried about them falling off. You kind of have to put some force on it to remove it, but the hole in the leather is definitely smaller than the 'punch-hole-mechanism'(?) so it shouldn't ever really come off.
You also won't really damage it by removing it if you do it carefully, so I do think that you could put it back on!
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Joined Mar 24, 2017
$110 shipped
Thanks for posting!
been trying to grab these and the og at a great price. Ended up buying both.
I noticed they have an extra 15% off if you buy 3 items so i picked up a pair for my bro as well.
Also got free shipping and they came out to $85 each :pimp:
Joined Mar 24, 2017
Picked up these EG Ultraboost as well for $75 last week.
I knew the stripes were mismatched colors, but I had no idea the toe boxes and heels were different as well.
The blue really pops in person.
I’m not mad at the tanking prices. I’m always reaching for my UB when I have to make trips out. They’re still my go to comfy everyday shoes. $75-$85 pairs is an easy cop for me.
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