Dec 9, 2002
How about some reviews on these. I'm most interested in cushioning and I guess overall performance.
Finally picked up a pair for ball, actually two pairs with a little exchange I did. Funny story, I got the all-stars on ebay to play in, but when I got them IREALLY liked the quality and how they looked, so I wanted another pair to beat on the court.

Anyway, first impressions and keep in mind I only played for 2 hours in them:

Fit - not great out of the box, but improves quickly with wear. Basically after one game of which they were a little uncomfortable, I was able to tighten thelaces more and get a good fit out of them. One thing, if you don't like lows then don't get these (obviously). Go half size down if you can.

Cushioning - great, very responsive, not too firm and defininitely not soft. More on the firm side. Not like Zoom, but that's not bad because thecushioning felt really good.

Traction - great, I play on a clean court though. Didn't have any problems with traction, just wipe down the outsole every now and then - something I haveto do with every shoe I play in. This was my biggest concern because I've had bad experiences with Adidas in terms of traction, but these are fine.

Overall, I'm looking forward to playing in them again. Very lightweight, great court feel and responsiveness, just my type of shoe.
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