Adidas ORIGINALS updates

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Can someone advise how these fit compared to other sneakers? Eg: new balance, Nike, Stan Smith’s? Thank you...
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how do this fit mate compared lets say to nb 997 or air max 1s?..thanks!
Both my am1s & these are a 8.5. I have a narrow foot. I feel like in my am1s I should of gotten a 9 but only a 8.5 was left & they fit really snug. Ozweegos fit is just right & more comfy.

I hope that helps.
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The Adidas site recommends half up for the 2019 ozweegos...I'm not so certain about it.

Sean go did a review and even for his slightly wide feet , didn't size up.

So I think TTS may be the safest route at least.
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