Adidas The Kobe II (Crazy 2)

Joined Jan 27, 2013
One of my favorite looking pairs of Kobes, although for many they were a disaster, are the Kobe II's, modeled after the Audi TT

Anywas, anyone owned them? Didnt since i was younger and cannot really remember exactly how they were. How did they play in? Run big or small? Anyone own a pair now??
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Not sure how they fit but my roommate got em in 13s and he a 13.

ugly nonetheless.
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The kobe was the one modeled after the TT....and the kobe ii would not bend at could stand on your toes and the shoe would not ballerina status
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I  have the all black pair and to me they creased pretty easily.IMO this is Adidas version of the Foamposite, with the proper treatment i think that these could possibly become relevent again. Id definitely grab a metallic red pair if ever released. Ok they are bulky, your foot does not breath at all i mean i played ball in them back in HS and i would say even timberland boots might have a little bit of breathable room for your foot but for the most part they are close to being equivalent. I had to go a half size up because the fit is very snug (same with the adidas kobe 1 to me) I still want alot of the rare colors that dropped.
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I had the all yellow ones... they creased bad and quick.

Cool overall shoe, very stiff sole though I remember.... didn't enjoy balling in them as a kid.
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Anybody know if the EQT elevations have a release date yet or a projected date to release?
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I really prefer the KB8/ Crazy 8s. These are OK but I'm not copping. Too "futuristic" for me
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The kobe was the one modeled after the TT....and the kobe ii would not bend at could stand on your toes and the shoe would not ballerina status
This. Tried them at my local back when they released. 2002 I think. It was like brick. Could not imagine playing in them. Design was wicked though
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I just noticed the title says crazy 2. Lol there is no such thing as a crazy 2. Adidas isnt stupid enough to retro that atrocity :lol:
Joined Feb 11, 2013
I thought these were retro'd at least once before. maybe retro + only can't remember. Bring these back in full force adidas these will surely sellout in this current sneaker trend state.
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Even today these would rot on shelves. Probably even worse. If its one shoe on the resellers do not buy to resell list it is these :lol:

And no they have never been retroed before
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The moonboots may drop again. I actually owned 2 pairs (given one, bought the other for $20), and they were ok to play in. Just the ugliest shoe of all-time.

I was recently to sell both BEAT pairs for $100+ though, so there is some demand.
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