Adidas TS Lightswitch...

Apr 30, 2007
... MID and LOW are up on EASTBAY. Expect 20 different colorways of the low soon....

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maybe it's obvious, but what is the purpose of having a lightspeed AND a lightswitch? Is it along the same lines as the nike elite series?
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when are they expected to ship? they kinda look like the promodels from last season..with that said, im curious as to how they feel.
The LIGHTSPEED is the lightest modern hoops shoe, that Adidas has ever made. It is lower to the ground than the LIGHTSWITCH, which may be a bit more comfortable to those who dig a more substantial shoe.

"but alot of the things Kobe does I would never have done."

MJ in GQ
I'm really diggin the blk/gold lightswitches.
The Black and Kelly green KG colorway of the TS Lightswitch looks sick. They all are suppose to come out black friday 11/23
the first post says to expect 20 different colorways for the lows. are there any other colorways coming for the mids? also, what is adidas trying to do with the lightspeed and lightswitch? (I'm talking about technology wise? just make them light shoes? is there any cushion technology, etc.)
I thought the lows were gilbert's new shoes. now I'm a little confused
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lows are gilberts t-mac,duncan,kg,howard,and chauncy will all wear the mids gil wants his own shoe (bad atitude) cant really blame him nonetheless great shoe go try it on you wont be dissapointed
both they are extremely lightweight, hence the name lightgswitch, and lightspeed gils drop on the 23 or 27 cant remember first color is ehhhhh but there is like 20 more lightswitch is a little more casual
I thought t-mac etc, we're wearing the lightspeeds? are they releasing the lightspeeds in lows?

confusing. I wonder if footlocker will get them. I stopped by one the other day and they had no hoops shoes by adidas. crazy! all JB or Nike. they had adidas runners though. stupid.
"i will slap someone if i ever see anyone wear them and try to stunt wit them" -masterani3
^^^they arent releasing lightspeed lows. they are releasing lightswitch lows aka the Gil20s
im not sure which one to get, the lightspeeds or lightswitch? barrebaby, can you give alittle more on the review of the lightswitch? thanks! im very interested in knowing
lightspeed and lightswitch will both have adiprene in the heel and adiprene plus in the forefront but the light lightswitch the lightspeed is the highg top model there will be some lows toward the summer
I don't think Gil wants lows because he has a "bad attitude" as much as because he's always worn lowtops.
well he said he wanted his own shoe because he wears low tops as well as the fact that his sig line just started last year and he didnt wanna end it at one year.

barrebaby: which was more comfortable to you out of the lightswitch and lightspeed?
slam Ed i thought you retired from NT, your really right its kinda my personal preference about gil having a bad atitude (although chauncy didn't complain, and this is his second shoe) when i met him hes just cocky (he has a right to be though). from my understanding the lightspeed lows were for gil, while the lightspeed highs were for the other 5 adidas players, but he wanted his own sig so he got the lightswitch. personally i dont like hooping in lows so i prefer the lightspeeds they are somewhat narrow, but the lightswitch is a little more wide, the con is it is a low
I got the lows just now. I love them. Nobody even mentioned they come with interchangeable insoles. Pics forthcoming i about 10 minutes.
Here we go. I'm not great with all the terminology but whatever.

Upper is mostly black leather, some sandstorm nubuck, black nubuck, and then reflective covered by mesh. The mesh is black but looks white because it's reflecting the flash.

The heel counter is clear and through it you can see the sandstorm colored heel counter, which is responsible for the color there. Since it's removable (and a seperate piece from the insoles), you can take it out and just go with either the Climacool or the Adiprene insole by itself or keep them with the heel counter, and in one of those pictures you can see what this looks like with black socks and no heel counter piece.

The front strap has a "0" in the velcro, the Gilbert drawing is on the tongue, a hologram logo on the top of the tongue that is the 3 stripes with Adidas below it logo on one view then you move your foot at it's the TS logo. "Agent Zero" is written on one of the stripes on the medial side and a facsimile logo on the tag that extends to the underside of the tongue. "Believe" is written on the outsole.








how does it fit datZNasty? looks really a fan of agent zero's shoes.............
the more i see this shoe the more it grows on me. I really wish i could afford a new pair of shoes right now. Maybe during a F&F.

As far as the fit of the shoe goes how does it fit. I really like lows just to wear everyday so i like a little bit more cushioning as i wear them loose.
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