Adidas X NBA = Basketball Shoe

Dec 27, 2005
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One of the best things Adidas acquired when they got a hold of Reebok was the exclusive contract with the NBA for footwear. Last year we saw a nice set of NBA Adidas Superstars.

Dettrick Maddox has been hard at work on a concept line of NBA Adidas shoes that he sent our way. At first glance we were very impressed. The NBA team logos are placed and used in artistic ways and not just slapped on the side of the shoes.

The silhouette of the shoe is definately more of an athletic than casual shoe, but with the right fit these kicks would look sick.

Please leave your feedback about the shoes and if at all possible educated constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. More teams showcased after the jump.


"Go Uste! Go Uste! Go Uste! Go Go Go Go Go Uste!"​
Some of those are really cleverly done, the Bucks shoe in particular... but I would never WEAR any of them. They might look great as computer wallpaper, but as a shoe they just come across as too loud and tacky.

I like the idea, but they need to be more subtle and detail oriented.
DAMNNNNNNNN idk wut u 2 r talking about those are straight fire but one thing is that you will need to change the hawks colorway seeing how they changed their colors this year but other than that those are hot shoes
I like the celtics, but they are so busy. Use the colorway not the logos. Maybe use a small logo somewhere.
the worst ones incorporate the team name in gigantic letters (nets, jazz, lakers), the best not at all, or barely...(celts, heat).

And I really like the Hornets', but maybe because it looks like old school cartoon.
"i will slap someone if i ever see anyone wear them and try to stunt wit them" -masterani3
hmmm.....I'd like to see the finished product
That's my word

-=Team RealTalk=-
Some of those look cool, but coming from an adults perspective, I could not wear something like that. I don't rock Jerseys either, but I could see these looking very cool on Kids 15 and under.
I like quite a few of them and it's good not to see those 3 stripes down the side. Enough already!
i like the celtics, hawks, and hornets ones....i would really like the bulls if there wasnt a big horn infront of the bulls face
bucks, rockets and celtics are the only ones that look halfway decent.... really.
I remember long time ago when Converse had NBA licensed shoes with
NBA team logo printed on the side and it looked terrible. I was like 11 at that time
and still thought it was tacky.
I'm surprised that company like adidas is doing stuff like this.
but I'm interested to see how these turn out.
Where's the Warriors? Where is tdog?
Team Logic
T E A M L E B R O N S Z 1 1
i wouldnt rock, but i could see some people i know buying to put on display in their "team room."
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