Adrian Peterson just made CJ mad...

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Good to see Wilf follow through. They did say they were patiently waiting for CJ to sign, because no matter what they were making AP the highest paid back.

Well done..Deservedly so too.
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I cried a bunch of tears....
Im happy for AD, but I wanted him in blue and orange next season.  
40 million over the first 3 years...
If he gets to years 4 its 52 million year 5 its 65 million. Bottom line is that AD is at QB money
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Originally Posted by CosmicCanon

Hopefully CJ and AP don't waste their primes playing for a terrible team.

 Where you been boy? Minnesota is two years removed from the NFCC and are far from horrible.
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Deserves to be the highest paid back since he is the best back in the league
. Can't see AD in any other color than purple and yellow.
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Originally Posted by truthmain

He won't sniff $100 mil, but 40 over 3 years is nice.
how you get you Avi like that. i am a cub, viking piston fan. i am somewhat bulls fan because my mom nephew is derrick rose personal assistant
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