ads are breaking the view entirely and covering posts and the thread

As a straight phone user the past couple years, gotta give Methodical Management Methodical Management props for the improvements in ad presentation on mobile. It’s still not great, but it has gotten significantly better. And really like to hear you’re continuing on working to make the presentation better going forward. I know I bust your *** about it, but you’re in a thankless position. So thanks Meth.
That ad type is supposed to scroll along with the page - but remain in its fixed location and not overlap site content. In other words, you shouldn’t see anything below the “scroll to continue reading” unless you’ve scrolled it up above that line.

As this is a rendering problem, it’s possible that using a different browser would correct the issue as a short-term workaround.

We are in the process of replacing our current ad partner entirely. I expect to complete this transition by the start of August - or earlier if at all possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t something I can comment on freely as it has become a legal matter.

I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work to improve the site’s advertising.

Will try using chrome, thanks for the response/update.
the same ad on chrome does not block the content, will use chrome from now on

I expect that this will only be a short-term issue, so you shouldn’t have to suffer through using Chrome for very long.

I don’t know exactly when we’ll start testing other ad networks, because we still have a few hurdles to clear, but the latest that will begin is 8/1. When that happens, you’ll likely notice some layout differences.

There may be some initial glitches that accompany the transition, but we’ll do our best to work through them as quickly as possible.
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