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They did A.I. dirty.
Probably a little harsh when you consider they have been meeting with him and even he says he does not want to be a distraction and agrees with the decision, plus the fact Philly was paying him each week despite not knowing if he will be playing.

I see the guy coming back and playing somewhere. It's been a weird ending to Allen's career that's for sure.


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How they did A.I. Dirty, if no other team was willing to touch him after his flame out in Memphis?

im not you

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People are either choosing to ignore...or just not believe the root of this story...and that's that his daughter has a very serious illness. I read an article a few days ago suggesting that if AI could still play it wouldn't matter and I all could do is SMH. Yes he's a shell of his former self but his whole thing from the jump was starting and playing. Phila gave him both of those this is not the same deal in Memphis where he was just *****ing about starting.
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Still my favorite player of all time. The end got a little ugly, but it doesn't erase the great career he had.


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Iverson is appreciated and will be missed if this is the last we hear of him.
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Dude is appreciated for his career. I hope he takes a step back and realizes this is the best time to retire from the game. Im not one to make someone elses personal decisions, but with the team being the one he was most known to be "the man" on, it would probably be best for him to go out with that.

AI, you are appreciated to no end. A true warrior. One of the best of his generation.
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it was for the best

thanks for the memories ai...

(thats like the 3rd time ive said that
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Anyone hear that dude was partying w. Jermain Dupri a few days back at some club? I'm not doubting his daughter is sick, and if she is....I really hope she gets better. But I gotta question his decision to party like that if he took time away from the team to tend to family issues.

AI isn't way. I think he'll come back a little more humble and MAAAAYBE come off the bench for a contender next year.

I really want this dude to get a ring. More than anyone else in the NBA. It will be a sad day when he eventually hangs it up. I'm still hoping he'll somehow go out on top.
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If his career is done, atleast he gets to retire a Sixer.

Basketball aside, I hope everything with his daughter works out.
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dude needs to contender is going to take him cause hes a crybaby and a distraction....i love AI but i thought he would grow up a little and at a point i thought he did but this season just shows he has not...great player but i think its obvious its his time to just stop playing ball
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George Karl ruined this guys image. If Karl could coach then AI would probably have a ring with Melo,but Karl stinks so they ran AI out of town and ruined him. There is no way Chauncey Billups should ever be thought of as a better player than AI, not in this universe.
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