aiight so i heard the the first good j.cole song (IMO of course)


Formerly 'mrwavez'
Joined Mar 28, 2009
"Higher" anyone?

anyways well i guess i need some new music to listen to...where should i start with j.cole? suggest mixtapes or songs i should check out
Joined Nov 1, 2005
You're probly best off checking out his last 2 mixtapes... But some songs along the feel of Higher -

Lights Please
In The Morning
Work Out
Joined Mar 19, 2002
dont feel bad man. i was a year late on j cole, but in a way it was nice because i got to listen to 3 mixtapes for a solid month.

Remy LeBeau

formerly carbon16
Joined Feb 15, 2011
Come up
Warm up
Friday Night Lights

Any Given Sunday 1 & 2

I suggest you stay tuned each sunday till his album drops for more Any Given Sundays......that is all
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