Air Foamposite One Galaxy Legit Check

Joined Jul 7, 2013
Hey guys, I need some help here. It's a pretty big commitment and I've never had a replica shoes before so I don't know how to spot them.


A guy wants to trade me his "Dead Stock Galaxys Size 10.5" for my "DS Lebron X Hazelnuts Size 8"...

Seemed too good to be true, but here are the pictures he sent me. I see that he has a receipt but the box and reciept have no identification values, that means that piece of paper mean nothing to me, is that a smokescreen to make me think they are real?

Is this too good to be true? AM I PARANOID because the Kush?

Thanks in advance

Joined Mar 11, 2013
Seems way too good to be true. Not only are they not the same size, but his are about 3x as valuable as yours.
Joined Mar 18, 2012
do u want to meet up to trade? or sending ur pairs?

if sending ur pairs then i think most probably he will screw you
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