Air France plane missing carrying 228 people


Joined Apr 7, 2009
I feel so bad for those people and their fams. I can't think of a more horrible way to go out than that. Over the middle of the Atlantic
Joined Oct 2, 2008
yeah, they are saying lighting hit the plane and they also said, even if the plan was just lost and going in circles by this time the plane would of have ranout of fuel ....

that's just scary man ....

Last thing I can think of is a high jack, but good lord we would of have known that by now ..
Joined Aug 29, 2008
I wonder what the flight path was.....perhaps they hit the right tip of the Bermuda Triangle?
Joined May 4, 2009
i be having dreams of watching / being inside & the plane falls

it feels soo real

just to feel the plane take a dip & your stomach going up your chest as the plane drops

damn that dream

never flown yet.....this got me shook
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