Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha 555088-105 suspected fake

Mar 2, 2022
Hi all, new to the forum and the sneaker world generally. I’ve been buying a bunch of mostly AJ1s on eBay, StockX, GOAT lately. Yesterday I ordered a pair of Dark Mocha that need to go through authentication. After I placed the order I noticed the photo of the tag inside the shoe shows manufacture dates of 5/10 to 6/20 2021–other listing show these shoes being manufactured in 2020. Tag also shows “Made in Vietnam” but I think these are made in China. These are kind of obvious errors so either these are really bad, lazy counterfeits or there’s another shoe I’m not aware of. Any help? These will go through authentication so hopefully they catch them there if they aren’t legit (I’ve had two other orders rejected over the last few months) but if anyone knows about this specific anomaly with these shoes please let me know. Attaching photo from the eBay listing. Thanks.


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