Air Jordan 1 HIGH ‘85 "Neutral Grey" - Early 2021

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No need to jerk off to your one pair of ‘85s. But the question remains... all that hate but you’re over there copping a pair? 🤣 :rolleyes
That back peddle tho :rofl:

Trust me, only pair I’ll ever own of this mold. In hand, I just don’t like the shape and materials. Sheer curiosity made me cop because it’s a NG after all, a colorway I’ve been waiting over a decade for.

So am I not allowed to be displeased with something I own? I do this all the time, ain’t not nothing new. The reverse SBB have similar lackluster quality to these, and I’ve owned and been knocking those since day one.

And y’all thought I was just in here trolling :lol:
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There are few shoes that have the impact the Union 1s have had. Yes, you may put other OG 1s ahead of them based on your preference of color, design and nostalgia, BUT only the Chicago and Black/Reds have had more impact. Black Toes, Royals, Shadows, all are absolute classics but they did change the game like those other 3 colorways/designs did.
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Technically an ‘85 PE...
Funny, seller had that pair listed at around 70G for weeeeks. Relisted em at mil and then suddenly they're hyped

360 Sazon

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I get the feeling it’s going to be a yearly thing like with the XI’s...For some reason they seem to want to keep these exclusive for some reason...Hopefully this isn’t the case but you know, JB gonna JB...
till they scam everyone by just making them GR’s; not necessarily the colorways but the mold in general. It’s JB. THEY ALWAYS DO IT
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I’m all in on future 85 releases as well...Toe isn’t ideal for sure but we’ve all been overlooking a great many features, on a great many releases from JB over the years...At this point it’s just whatever, not going to be 100 correct anyway...I’m too damn old to get hung up on a shoe not being 1:1...Only thing that gets me to pass is not getting down with the colorway 🤷‍♂️...

As for what releases...Chicago’s are THE ideal release...But I see JB holding those off for the model’s 40th anniversary...In the meantime anything from the OG 1’s pic will be just fine, and there’s more than enough pairs on there to work with...

Why do you suppose they didn’t even make half of that many colorways for the 2s?
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