Air Jordan 1 High “Black Toe” – 2013 NO buying,selling-trading

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Have a buddy in the Netherlands I can get them shipped to. But then how much is shipping from there to Cali?
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Most places that actually ship to the US don't have sizes bigger than a 12, no love for size 13s with this release.
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got a site with a 45.5 available?!
think nike store is sold out on 11.5 us, but the sizes have been going availible on and off, so who knows, they only ship to EU though.

edit - refreshed and they have that size again.. who knows, but as I said its eu only so you will need a friend from here to buy it then ship it to you.
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i had one 11.5 US in my cart and removed it after 10 mins. this size might come avaiable again in nikestore, just letting people know.
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just go to the bottom of your nikestore page and change the flag to UK or wherever. just change it back before tomorrow morning.
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