Air Jordan 1 OG high- OBSIDIAN August 31st 2019

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1st off, I kinda agree with buddy. If you like what you like then buy it if you have the means to. Secondly, slim fit jeans do seem to best with Jordan 1's. Lastly, keeping the outfit simple was absolutely the best part of the video. Some cats will post what hat, socks, drawls, sweater vest they are gonna rock with their kicks and just are doing too much.
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He's holding up those carolina mids like prize medals... Totally discredits any advice he's about to give
Alphas were dope, I used to have em back in the day and they were one of my favorite pairs, but I definitely beat them.

Anyway I don't take fashion advice from bloggers or youtube. A lot of you akways believe the shoes should always be the showcase of uour outfit, but I disagree as I am just as proud of my collection of jeans, shorts, shirts, sweaters and jackets. An outfit is a collection of all these things and picking pieces that complement each other helps showcase the shoes better.

Soeaking if which, I have an off white leather Polo jacket with navy ribbing that would match these perfectly, but it's a large and I would like to get rid of all my large stuff.

Looking forward to the UNC 3s next!
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I remember watching that a while back and thinking it must be a super old vid.. Then realising it wasn't.. >D
'how to wear Jordan 1s if you like skinny jeans'

Red laces in the b/reds are just :stoneface: to me.. never looked right.
Complete opposite for me. I’ve always felt red laces are THEE only option for bred 1’s. Almost always prefer contesting laces on 1’s.
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Yo I got a crazy idea how to do 1’s now
Check it out, boom, this is how you freak 'em, boom
You go get you go get the cream joints right? Boom
Now now, all you all you dye, is this **** right here, boom
And this, you know what I'm saying? Any color you want
But it'd be like, blue and cream, you know what I'm saying?
**** like that, *****s don't even know
But son word is bond I'ma rock *****s this summer
On the real, know what I'm saying?
Yo son, I had crazy visions
Check it out check it out check it out, boom
Just imagine if you buy, woo! Check it out
Just imagine you bought navy blue, right
A navy blue, a navy blue pair right, boom
Of this, of this ****, know what I'm saying?
But dyed get this dyed cream on top
Just imagine that color like
But you got it dripping like it's marble cake like...

I’m super late as **** but I don’t even care. This the best NT post EVER!!! My dude even remembered the “woo”.....adlib. :rofl:

Back to the shoes.
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I've checked size 9 and 9.5 cause I was thinking about offing a pair due to recent expenses and I will be buying my wife an anniversary band for our 10 year wedding anniversary

just as fast as the prices spiked overnight they've come back down due to the promoiton on sellers fees :lol:

probably to the point that ppl are making less than they were prior to the promotion :lol:
Joined Dec 7, 2018
Yup they crashed, but I ain’t budging in my price. Once that promo is gone prices will spike back up so it’s just a waiting game.
Joined Dec 24, 2013
So stupid to keep dropping prices if you reselling during these promos.

People playing the undercutting game making less than they ever would lol
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