Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Turbo Green”

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Once again the FNL restock today was a joke. Splash page 10 minutes before the shoes went up, finally got on about 10:10, clicked on the shoe and kicked me back out to the splash page. Got back on again about 10:15, clicked on the shoe again, kicked back out to the splash page. Was never able to get back on again. Shoes sold out. This happens every time with FNL. They are WAY past the point of needing to do something about their site. It has been garbage for a very long time.


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Do these have that same paper mache leather on the white portions that’s on those recent Phantoms? “Flyleather” I think it’s called?
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Owning both, the material is similar. The only difference is on the Phantoms, they wrapped that material on the toebox and rear as well, where the Turbos have fabric. For a distressed shoe, Turbos feel more premium. Phantoms definitely feel and look cheaper imo.
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