Air Jordan 1 X Dior

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Plenty of fake posers with legit pairs. So what’s your point?
How does that negate anything? I didn’t say wearing a real pair makes you a good person. But rocking fakes, trying to pass them off as real, is super trash.

SMH, fake people will say anything to justify being fake.
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The craftsmanship on Diors should be very good. Look at this, this is HORRIBLE! I don’t have a real pair to compare, but I’m confident these are fake. Size and price?

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When my brother first opened a StockX account, I let him purchase a sneaker using either my PayPal or Credit Card, can’t remember. This was a couple years ago so the details are fuzzy. I believe it was a gift for him. The low UNC 11s if I recall correctly.

So ever since then, StockX thinks both accounts are mine. I reached out a few times to explain and they initially banned both accounts! They unbanned them but to this day only 1 of us can sign up for these promotions. It’s crazy. But purchasing, oh no - they’re perfectly fine with us purchasing on both accounts. They’re so unreasonable.
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does anybody know if the pairs for Jordan Brand members are individually numbered as well or not at all? In both shoes there are only the individual limitation numbers mentioned or some other tags as well?


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eBay is flooded with fakes in the $700-$1200 range... they actually look really legit though. like surprisingly legit.. I’m sure in hand maybe is a different story but pics looks good.
Rep sellers are selling between $250-350. White leather panels are too dark on the current reps. I'd give it a couple months and they'll be giving people a hard time.
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My boy just got some reps for $250. They dont look bad, but they dont look good either. The big tell was the swoosh. Not even close to the real ones in terms of detail and uniformity. The rest of the leather was ok but it had a lot of smudges and weird imperfections that made it clear they were fufu. Lastly the fakes I saw came in the standard Nike Air box as opposed to the air dior box.
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Managed to secure a size 42, which I thought was a US9 when I put in the order. Can someone who copped through Dior confirm or deny?


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I've since found that out, and am really regretting going off Dior sizing instead of Nike sizing when I put down my order. Guess I'll be squeezing into an 8.5 lol
hope you didn't pay absurd resale for the wrong size
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