Air Jordan 1 x UNION LA Thread


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They differ tho

Some are under some are over and some right at the stitch line
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I cant decide which one I want to get. Help me guys. I can only get one right now. Which one.. the original SBBs or the union BLue toe? Both in a size 7.5 are expensive. Actually i think the size 8s in 2015 were a tighter fit back then compared to now.
I was contemplating the same thing last week. Been wanting backboards and unions. Ended up picking up a pair of union storm blues on stockx when I saw them dip to around $925. Happy with them. Next up will probably be shattered 1.0's and then solefly 1's.
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That’s usually the case. The sbb 3.0 will be heat soon .
Not for me, those were actually THE shoes I was looking forward to this year and then they released the official pictures. Not saying I won't consider going for them, but I admittedly pretty disappointed in how they look.
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