Air Jordan 1 x UNION LA Thread


Joined Jun 29, 2018
I love my black toes and wasn't planning on wearing blue toes, but I think I am about to cave.. They look so damn good worn in, I don't think I can hold off busting open a pair from the stash. I won the BT's on End, unDS'ing the blues from stockx is gonna hurt a little..
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Those are air conditioned, temperature-controlled Thom Browne sweats. No wonder rich people are happy. Worth every penny.


formerly j o 19
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thought they only added selling from China and that buying from China had been on there for a while.

This is the same as what @Frankie Vibes was saying. If they could always buy in China it maybe didnt make as much of a difference but if they are able to sell then they are selling to the China market who apparently is not affected by higher prices like the US is.
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