Air Jordan 1 XQ OG Retro 555088-040

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Suppose to be a China Release

will come over state side very limited end of the year 
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I was actually really digging these back in 2007. Now that they have NIKEAIR branding on, definitely gonna try and cop now that I have a chance. Though quality probably won't be as good
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Isn't that the 07 XQ pair? It looks like a mid to me, and might not be the actual shoe releasing if these are supposed to be OG High Tops.
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Any official source where "Atlanta Hawks" nickname came from? Or was that just due to colors and Nique?
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Why does China get yet another 1 exclusive, and the west has yet to get any?

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JB aint got no love for the midwest even when it comes to GRs so I dont feel sorry for Cali and NY residents.

I hope that store early release ma and pa store in Howard gets this release. Not sure if I want em based on that pic. I got the black toes which is similar enough and the celtics which is loud enough like these are

but repped anyway cuz I love old school gangsta snoop dogg. Can't **** with Snoop Lion
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