Air Jordan 11 – White – Orange Sample

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^ Agreed.

But I love white based model 11's though.

I feel they don't get the love of the dark colored ones.
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Not feeling either pair or the all black XI that was posted. Hope JB doesn't destroy the XI.


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Originally Posted by FutureDHughes

These look dope!!

Would cop in a heart beat if they released these!

I'd rather get these over the Black Outs AKA "Police Issued"
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Originally Posted by KenJi714

Look fake
Shut up. This "those look fake" thing is getting out of hand. 

These are actually a good looking colorway. These, the UNC blue's, and the reds are all fire. They should have been released all as mids. 

I bet a hundred bucks that if these were dropped back in 2000, the majority of you guys would have different feelings about them.

Ah well, wish they were dropping though. These would be a stupid tough %*@*$+@ spring/summer shoe. 

Dat shape 
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Been saw these but nice too look at nonetheless.

I bet the noobs think the sole on the orange mid are yellow
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the lettering on the eyelets makes the upper messy imo. they have a clean design, i say leave it alone.
it made those dmp's look dumb and it looks just as stupid on these.
as far as xi lows go, i'm probably the only one that doesn't care for them. i just think they look odd like the low vi's or xii's do.

i'd def pick up the citrus if they were mids, pass on the lows tho.
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