Air Jordan 11 Retro- Black/Red “Playoff”- 12/14/2019


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Mods should ban him honestly. He’s been relentlessly trolling the thread for a while now.
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Man says the same thing over and over again. Then makes a revelation thread. Then wants to make remarks that he knows will get a reaction. A month ago he was getting these black and reds. Now thinks it should all be in the past? Wow.
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Now you have to deal with the 12-27 year old Bronsexuals that trash Mike because they feel inadequate about their favorite player and his accomplishments (this is actually a thing). It’s hilarious, and this is coming from a huge Lebron fan that has watched him since he was a freshman in High School my *** literally screamed like a little girl when he won a ring for my teams for the first time in over 50 damn years.
Man you’re so on point it’s scary lol.

Specifically the age group you mention. I’m 29 and remember the 96-98 Bulls in my life but my friends 27 and under all do exactly what you said about “Bronsexuals”
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I wanna to apologize for the comment I made saying Air Jordan's shouldn't be made anymore and that they should be a thing in the past like MJ's basketball career. I mean like y'all are a fan of Jordan's and I am too so I want to apologize for my harsh comment.
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I wanna to apologize for the comment I made about Air Jordans not being made anymore. I mean like y'all are a fan of Jordans and I am too so I want to apologize for my harsh comment.
You been apologizing a lot lately. Just think about the comments you make before hitting send. It's all good to have an opinion on things. Like or dislike of a shoe is all good. But I'm not walking into a classic car show knocking on people's cars they have invested in or telling them it's wrong to like old cars. See what I mean?
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They should release pe and new cw I enjoyed win like 82 and 96 enjoyed 72-10 next year would be cool grey and after not release any og for a long while and release new cw
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