Air Jordan 11 Retro- Black/Red “Playoff”- 12/14/2019

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I transferred GOAT credit of 175 to my bank and copped off StockX for 289 shipped, so I got my first pair for 114 . 😁 estimate delivery date is 12-16 so that’s 1 pair of 3 down.


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This is coming off like an advertisement. 😆

Concords throughout 2019 could’ve been had for almost retail. Why would these be any different.

Stockx is trash.

Dont pay resell yall, just wait for the heat to cool after RD if somehow the moons and stars align and you don’t end up with a pair of these. 2 million is massive.

I remember come around Jan/feb this year a lot of sneaker stores had big re stocks of them instore, like footlockers and etc.
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^ would of been 45 if you waited for release date... 12/16 is only a few days after release date... you couldn’t wait until next Saturday lol? I guess you got a piece of mind by copping now
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