Air Jordan 11 Retro- Black/Red “Playoff”- 12/14/2019

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So now when I told people a while back, that I KNEW FOR SURE, there wouldn’t be a 45 on the back I literally got laughed at and told I didn’t know what I was talking about. Who’s chewing on rocks now? And now ya complaining about true red/varsity red? This what we doing now? Lol.. Whether it was 45, 23, heck could’ve been the infamous #12 he wore once when his jersey got stolen, I’m still coppin lol
I thought you simply doubted they would have a 45. I dont think anyone was really laughing at you at all. Lots were skeptical about the number.
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Via chickenwop. Take these for what it's worth, but I'm glad for the 23 and white and black carbon fiber, which, if I'm not mistaken, is the first time JB has retroed it since 96.

I'm hoping what we get is similar to those. Cant wait to have a pair in hand next to my space jams and concords.

On another note...Are we getting any other xis this year? I know there is the white and grey womens pair but is that it? I thought I saw another pair was also releasing.


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Toebox looks way too long on those, pretty sure UA.
Did you not see that carbon fiber? :lol:
23 stretched like fakes have been for 10 years. They even managed to take steps back and use the ****ty cf from then too

UA isn't a thing. There's either real or fake
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Wow these are really bad, glad JB has Quality Control for the AUTHENTIC pairs. I’ll stick with the pictures that were posted Thursday and run with those. At least those gave us the details the majority of us asked for until official pictures are released from Nike.
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Fakes have 23, 23 it is? I dont follow. When the real pairs drop with 45 ol dude is going to be eating his own rocks lol

Also, i never cared too much about the red but yall are right, that new purpler red isnt going to cut it, the ogs look amazing
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Question: Do y'all think that the price of the 2008, & 2012 releases will go up over the next decade?

You know, because they have the low cut patent leather, and they seem to be MORE popular with the younger crowd?

Just a thought I had.
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