Air Jordan 11 Retro Low "Concord" to Release in 2014

Joined Sep 24, 2013
NDC out of stock, got through on FNL Mobile though. Props to whoever posted that link on here, it went much quicker than the actual site. Just a little worried because I tried checking out twice, once through Paypal, where it gave me some error, and again with my debit care, where it all went through just fine. Got a message from the first paypal one though saying i'm sending money and that usual bull. No confirmation from FNL on that one though, so i'm hoping i'm good. Wanted two pairs, only got one, but it's all good I guess. Least I got to use one of my rewards.
Joined Apr 17, 2014
Not lucky today. I absolutely will not pay reseller price for these. Carmines on the 24th...
Joined Aug 5, 2006
got 10.5 in line for checkout at FTL. countdown at 3 minutes.i dont usually do this, but first to quote.
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was "in line" on ndc, got hit with the out of stock. wtf that was stupid fast. good thing i got a pair through fnl.
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Joined Mar 23, 2013
lol, yeah, the FNL transaction on mine is looking helllla buggy.
lol I have like a 1,000 in pending transactions from them.

NDC sometimes fails miserably, but so far seems like it came through for me, Its a hate/love relationship with NDC lol
Joined Feb 22, 2013
but FNL had a boat load y'all lmao. That splash page gives false hope
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