Air jordan 2009 $59.99

Joined Jan 4, 2009
Whether you love or hate the Air Jordan 2009 , I copped a pair yesterday at Marshall's in LA for $59.99.  I always liked the shoe, but wasn't willing to pay $190, but for $59.99 you can't go wrong as it is a good shoe to ball in.  If your interested call around to find your size, but the Marshalls at The Beverly Connection had a size run as of yesterday from 7.5 - 10.5.
Joined Dec 23, 2006
Can't pass up on the 2009's for that price.
Wait a minute, actually I think I still pass...
Joined Jul 13, 2005
yeah i saw em at the rack yesterday along with 60+, HOF I's, and fusion XIII's. All for 59.99. Decided to pass tho. Not to high on any of em.
Joined Mar 29, 2007
I kind of like the white/blacks, but I don't think I could even pay 59.99 for them.
Joined Jun 21, 2008
they have been at my local marshalls for that price for a while im tempted to by for beaters
Joined Jul 21, 2006
I'd much rather spend my 60 bucks on a pair of Penny II's that have been all over the outlets as of late. $39.99 sounds like the right price for these.
Joined Jan 4, 2009
What they had at Marshalls was the white/black 2009's, but I did hear that some Nordstrom Rack's have the HOF 2009 and the Black 2009.  Also there was some Hyperize (purple/blue/white - Hurache colors) and the Burbank Marshalls had the '97 airmax (white/beet black lucky green) and the air hoop structure (white/infrared) for $50
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yea its a very good price. Out here in Tempe, Arizona at the nike outlet at one of the local malls, they had the 2009's for the same price a month or two ago when I stopped by one day.

Not a big fan of the 2009's either but $60 was a real good price. I was tempted to cop em that day but decided to save up my money and hold out hope of getting the Motorsports VI's which i was able to do.

anybody go to any nike outlet stores? You'd be surprised at the JB kicks you can find in there for way cheap prices.

Some of the stuff I've found over the past few months there:

blk-gry 1's for $75
Pewter 1's for $90
DMP VII's for $80 each (sold separately but released at diff times)
gry-org VIII's for $60
wht-powder blue Fusion IX's for $40
Nubuck XII's for $100
Hall of Fame 1's for $80
Hall of Fame 2009's $90
B-grade blk-red XI's for $85

and there are a bunch of others I don't remember.
Joined Jun 17, 2008
i grabbed my pair from marshalls a month ago they also had the olympians,elements,ol schools,2.5s and jumpman pros for $59
Joined Jan 5, 2008
The only 2009's I liked were the HOF joints and that is to wear sweat pants and go play ball in.
Joined Oct 23, 2008
that's a good deal.  i would probably spend the money if i was at one of those stores, but i dont like the shoe enough to call around for my size and see it someone will ship it to me.
Joined Jul 22, 2004
$59.99 for Jordan Team Shoes?  Nah.

If they paid me $20 bucks I'd consider taking them but I honestly don't have room in my house for them so I don't know.  Might have to pass even on that.
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