Air Jordan 3 Retro 5Lab3 2014 Release info $225 "Kix and the City"

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I hate when this info comes out with no pic. Pretty well USELESS info IMO
But as a 3 fan I will eagerly wait for pics.
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what the hell is with the name first of all and the price???
 that is just straight terrible. these newcomers sure seem to have killed this "hobby" rather quicker than anyone was expecting
. i'm only gonna cop less and less at these rape prices, until I got to be done with this. I can't really justify it anymore. we are already at 170 next year, it's only a matter of time after that we get to 180... that's honestly about where im gonna have to call it and say f you nike and f you children that pay 700 dollars of their parents money on a shoe thinking it's cool 

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No way I'm paying $225 for a pair of 3s that will just paint chip after a few wears. I'm never buying a pair of 3s or 4s til they fix that.


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I have the Flips and the Black Flips, and they are very well made sneakers!

If it's a Flip III type shoe, I will consider it, but they have to fix that $225 price tag first.
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Well, since the 3LAB5 is a 5 done up like a 3 then I would imagine that this will be a pair of 3s that look like a 5.

Is Gentry still in charge? They're putting a hurt on Js with stuff like this.
Joined Nov 4, 2012
I'm pretty sure I read that the 5lab3 or whatever is a 3 with an all 3m upper inspired by the 5s
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