Air Jordan 3 Retro AS NRG Thread

Joined Dec 13, 2016
Lol just messing with you enjoy your pairs man! Hope you dont continue to anger everyone :lol:
Don’t think I am from the pm I get. People don’t like to see people succeed when they didn’t. And that’s ok. But no one is going to bring me down or would I bring someone else down. All about being positive and showing support and love
Joined Aug 15, 2009
wahhhh wahhh i have damn TEMP CHARGE on me APPLE PAY i am scared gonna cry it's on my mind all day as I serve McD fries never had a CC I am so SCARED of a 200 temp charge I may lose all my money- credit card companies dont ever have phone numbers to resolve temp charges that hang for weeks gonna cry and post 50 times today i am scared BAE!!!!
You’re one of the most annoying NTers I’ve encountered in my 13 years of being on this site. That is all.
Joined Oct 23, 2010
I've never won anything off of snkrs that flipped. Almost like my account is blacklisted. Cooked Europe sites tho.
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