Air Jordan 39 (XXXIX)

These look like 11s on the bottom. Don't know how I missed realizing that or seeing posts about it. Just a fat glob of resin sole that doesn't look like it'll be flexible. And somehow it looks like a child's shoe instead of looking premium. Just so much disappointment.
I really think this is an experiment into the change of direction they are looking to go into with signature line. I think they are setting up for a monster 40 design and tech.. Only time will tell how well this post will age though..🤣
It will be interesting to see. There was no AJ zero, so in my mind I can make sense of why that XXX model was ??? Basically the 29. I would be totally cool with the 40 being the last of the callbacks and definitely a commemorative model.
I believe the Jordan 40 will be the most unique callback to the 10, and will break away since the 10 was one of the most plain shoe ( after the removal of thr toe cap),.... But the 10 was a story telling shoe, with so much to feed the 40 with..... I believe that we will see another elegant show with plenty of performance technology! I definitely see Jordan Brand adding a new level of Soom Air to this shoe! I was actually hoping they would have added the Adapt system for this shoe,.... To further expand on the story telling setup,.... We likely won't get the stats on the bottom of the, but camouflaged into something on the upper of the shoe?!? The 41 will likely be the most iconic of the styling, adding the touches of pattern leather,.... I believe the shoe that will be the most important will be the 45,.... The 15 wasn't loved at all by most, and let's face it with MJ wearing 45 when he returned, this shoe will be the overall greatest split from the retro inspired line!!! I believe they will go clean sheet design, the callback would be either the triangle style tongue/ inner bootie? So the 41, 42,43,44,.... If they don't start fresh from the 40, we will see the iconic. Touches on all of them such as the the stylized 2 color split of the 12, hologram (13)for the 43, reimagined back tab(14)for the 44
The 39's look good & clean My only gripe is that I would have like a CLEAN toe cap/toe area. It was said the MJ liked clean toe caps (ex. removing the extra toe materials cap on the original AJ 10's). other than that these look good. The 38's are out/on sale and I have a pair or 37's that I don't even wear. Buy & wear what you like. can't go wrong either way.
Looks like maybe an EYBL pair?? Can’t quite tell.



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I'd love it if all the colorways were futuristic looking like that. Translucent peach or melon. They should take some chances with this shoe, cause those early basic blue/black/white or combination of those colors colorways were all pathetic. Now you have my attention.

I couldn’t disagree more here. That melon tint 38 is an abomination. I think JB agrees with most people here that the colorways for sigs have been insane since the 32 really. I know it’s all opinions but just look at the lebron 21, probably the worst colorways of a sneaker i can remember and the instant sales prices show it. ( grey/neon was flames ) I think these go on sale of course but with the toned down colorways with better materials I feel like they are trying to avoid it as long as they can.
I don’t think the colors make them go on sale fast I think I it’s the $180+ retail every year
Other things are so much more expensive and important
I like the toned down colors as well but a whole year of plain CWs would be boring
Those peach EYBLS look really nice
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