Air Jordan 4 Black Cat 2019

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I really really was checking for these until the release date was stuffed into this already jam packed Jan-Feb time. Regardless, I’m banking on these to go on sale so I can swoop in later for em.

mr z

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Hate the color way but man the shape is so beautiful....must just cop off the strenf


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It's like they finally heard our cries about the shape AFTER making the BC IV's.. nearly all IV's during the second half of 2019 were fire in shape.
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100% forgot they did this in 06/07 or whenever it was. If it were up to my memory I'd call you a liar. :lol:
For real, people (reviewers/you tubers) keep saying these are true to the original, but fail to point out about the blackcat stitching lol. Blackout box is dope though, wish they would’ve include the poster as well

Ill be passing, I can’t justify paying 200 for these. Plus DMP 6 on the radar for this mont (2x pairs)
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Now that the DMP 6's have been pushed until March will be coppin these and beating them into the ground.
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Dude always has good videos on the shoes but is pre orders are just crazy. Even if he sends you the shoe early not worth it and know knows pre orders like I do. Dude wants 350 for these plus tax. Would never buy from him
It’s so bad he’s got the fat MFer UBK selling them for him as well but for 25$ less lol.
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As a few have pointed out already (the lack of blackcat stitched on the tabs). I find it weird none of the reviewers on YouTube have mentioned this or done research. I’ve watched most of the reviews for this shoe and they all pretty much regurgitate the same thing but all lack the info on the missing blackcat being stitched. This shoe can’t be true to form with that missing detail. JB got the retro of the pure $ 4’s right with that detail (Pure $) included on the tab, how they dropped the ball with this is wild.
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It's funny how guys even nitpick kicks that aren't OG's that were retro pluses themselves. So JB needs to remaster retro pluses now?

JB needs to be true to the original retro plus. :lol:

I'm wondering if these are a day one cop, or if they'll go on sale.
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